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From Ancient to Modern Science – a travelogue

Fifth Anniversary of Vigyan Setu Foundation falls on 12/12/2017 and on this occasion we proudly launch a blog – AtoMS, an acronym of a travelogue intended to provide first hand scientific information on various places of interest from worldwide. We sincerely hope that it would prove to be an essential accessory for anyone interested in Science Tourism.

Yet there is another significance attached to this launch; Year 2017 has been designated by the United Nations as International Year for Sustainable Tourism for Development to promote five key areas; 1) inclusive and sustainable economic growth, 2) social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction, 3) resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change, 4) cultural values, diversity and heritage, and 5) mutual understanding, peace and security. We believe that the ensuing write-ups on AtoMS would echo the said declaration. 

Science Tourism or tourism for science is conceptually new experience being explored worldwide that holds steadfast on to the mind of the travelers since it exposes the tourist not only to the essence of the tour but also the scientific culture associated to it. The experience is enriching enough to gain and share, and most importantly to value and appreciate the traditions and knowledge. It also adds an innovative dimension to the existing tourism, promoting sustainable use of natural resources, and showing the presence of science all around. As a linkage between the societies, educational sector and other stakeholders, Science Tourism reinforces the sustainable development activities that cater for social, economic, environmental and cultural needs of any particular region.

Tourism for Science takes you to the Science Museum, Science Park, Science City / Centre, Archaeological sites, Observatory, Organizations / Institutions engaged in scientific endeavors, and even Universities, but in our opinion it is much beyond. Tourist places often visited for their cultural and historical association, too, have their scientific side. Every site has a story to tell and a Science Tourist needs to find its association with science, for Science is a Way of Life. Every object on display, every exhibit is a part of Scientific Heritage.

If you travel with us through this blog, many a times you would find looking at the very places you had visited, from a totally different perspective. Hope, in the process you would appreciate our efforts and share the same with your colleagues.

Bon voyage!!!